Optiver Test iconOptiver 80 in 8 Test Practice - Realistic Test Mode

Realistic Test Mode


After pressing the button below, you will start an 8 minute mental math test with a total of 80 questions - hence the name 80 in 8. This test is designed to prepare you for the Numerical Test of the Optiver interview.

For the Numerical Test at Optiver, a score of at least 55 points is needed. Despite this, Tradermath recommends potential applicants to score at least 70 points consistently on Tradermath to take into account other factors that might affect your actual score on the real test (like stress or other distractions).

This is a free version of our test, which includes a fixed set of questions. Subscribing unlocks access to an extensive array of new and diverse question sets. The purpose of this free version is to provide you with a glimpse into the test's appearance, style, and the variety of question types you can expect.
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