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Integer Mastery

To excel in your trading interview, a strong foundation is crucial. Our platform offers standard arithmetic operations with integers, tailoring the question and answer formats to match the preferences of your target trading firm.

  • $$-66 + 105 =$$
  • $$5 \times 18 =$$
  • $$109 - 46 =$$
  • $$170 \medspace/\medspace 5 =$$

Decimal Proficiency

Becoming proficient in arithmetic operations with decimals is crucial for aspiring traders. Our practice sets focus on the essential decimal variations commonly encountered in trading interviews, ensuring relevant and effective preparation.

  • $$0.16 + 23.01 =$$
  • $$2.5 \times 0.09 =$$
  • $$-6.63 - 3.593 =$$
  • $$21 \medspace/\medspace 0.7 =$$

Tackling Complex Multiplications

Flow Traders is well-known for their focus on large multiplications in a multiple-choice format in their assessments. To help aspiring traders excel, our Red Test includes similar questions, fostering proficiency and self-assurance in tackling this crucial skill.

  • $$11011 \times 11011 =$$
  • $$800 \times 8000 =$$
  • $$0.16 \times 23812 =$$
  • $$42.5 \times 1.04 =$$

Conquering Fractions

The '80 in 8' test employed by Optiver includes various types of computations with fractions. Our Orange Test allows you to familiarize yourself with such questions and save you valuable seconds during your numerical test.

  • $$\frac{4}{9} + \frac{10}{27} = \text?$$
  • $$\text? \times \frac{1}{8} = 2$$
  • $$\frac{3}{9} - \text? = \frac{5}{18}$$
  • $$\frac{2}{20} \medspace/\medspace \frac{1}{5} = \text?$$

Targeted Practice Mode

Enhance your performance on specific question types with our Targeted Practice Mode. Challenge yourself to answer as many questions as possible within a 2-minute time frame, boosting your mental math skills and speed.

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Realistic Test Mode

Turn your numerical assessments into routine tasks with our Test Mode, designed to replicate the appearance, scoring, and question types used by top trading firms. For Flow Traders' numerical tests, select our Red Test. Preparing for Optiver's '80 in 8'? Opt for our Orange Test. If you have an upcoming interview at Akuna Capital, choose our Blue Test. Please note that we are an independent platform and not affiliated with or endorsed by these companies.

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Trading interviews are notorious for their brainteasers. These are used to test analytical skills, speed, and technical knowledge. Preparation is crucial. Tradermath offers a curated range of these puzzles, sourced from real trading interviews, emphasizing the most important concepts. Dive into our ever-expanding collection and approach interviews with unmatched confidence.

Please note that we consistently update and enhance our database with valuable contributions from our users. As a result, we frequently acquire new questions from interviews conducted recently at many of the top trading firms.

Our objective is to boost your confidence throughout the entire interview process. We provide you with a comprehensive resource that maximizes your preparedness while also minimizing the likelihood of encountering unexpected questions in your next interview.

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