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Welcome to the ultimate preparation tool for the Flow Traders Math Test. By clicking the button below, you will embark on a comprehensive math challenge tailored to mirror the exact test you might encounter during a Flow Traders interview.

Test Structure & Scoring

Our test is meticulously structured into three distinct sections:

Section 1 - Basic Arithmetic: This section presents 30 integer-based problems, testing your skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Scoring is as follows:
  • Correct answers: +1 point
  • Incorrect answers: -3 points
  • Blanks: -2 points

Here, accuracy is paramount over speed.

Section 2 - Decimal Arithmetic: Dive deeper with 30 decimal-based problems, where you'll be required to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals. Scoring details:
  • Correct answers: +2 points
  • Incorrect answers: -1 point
  • Blanks: -1 point
Section 3 - Advanced Multiplications: Challenge yourself with 15 multiple-choice problems centered around multiplying decimals or large numbers. Scoring criteria:
  • Correct answers: +2 points
  • Incorrect answers: -2 points
  • Blanks: -1 point

For the mental math test at Flow Traders, a score of at least 60% (72 points) is the minimum requirement. However, Tradermath strongly advises aspiring candidates to consistently achieve a score of at least 70% (84 points). This recommendation accounts for unforeseen factors like stress or distractions that might affect your performance during the actual interview.

Prepare, practice, and perfect your skills right here. Best of luck!

This is a free version of this test with a fixed set of questions. Subscribers gain access to this test with unlimited new sets of questions.