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Practice converting Fractions to Decimals. Mentally calculate the first five decimal digits.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fractions to Decimals question in trading interviews assesses your ability to quickly and accurately convert fractions to decimals, which is crucial for precise financial calculations, interpreting data, and executing trades efficiently. Accurate conversions are essential for pricing, risk calculations, profit and loss assessments, and overall better trading decisions.

Let us consider, as an example, the task of converting the fraction 13/17 to a decimal rounded to 2 decimal places. We start by dividing 13 by 17 which yields 0 with a remainder of 13. We thereby conclude the first digit to be zero. The next step is to multiply the remainder by 10 and divide this remainder by the denominator. This time we get 130/17 which yields 7 with a remainder of 11. Repeating this process for the first 4 digits gives us 0.764 such that we can conclude 13/17 rounded to two decimals to be 0.76. 

We have first hand experience of fraction to decimal questions being asked at Optiver, Flow Traders, Akuna Capital, and Group One Trading.