Frequently Asked Questions

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We currently accept two following payments methods: Creditcard, Apple Pay, Paypal, iDeal and SEPA bank transfers. Would you like to see other payment methods? Please contact us.

For each of our tests, we have made a free test available so that you can see what our product looks and feels like. You can take the free tests as many times as you like, but the set of questions in this test is fixed. If you want to have new questions every time you take a new test, you should subscribe.

No. You are in control. If you want to practice some more time you can renew your subscription after your subscription period has ended.

You can either drop us an email or send us a WhatsApp message. See the Contact page for our contact details.

Currently the platform is designed to give you the best possible preparation for both the Flow Traders numerical test and the Optiver numerical test. If you have suggestions for new tests to be added, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Firstly, it is incredibly important to stay calm during the test. Secondly, familiarity with the test format and types of questions is very important to make sure you are not unpleasantly surprised as this can be very disruptive. Managing time is also key, if at some point you find yourself spending too much time on one specific question (even more so if it is a very hard question), move on to the next one as there is a big chance that the next one will be simpler. This is specifically the case for the Flow Traders test because there you are not limited to completing the questions sequentially. When posed with complicated multiple-choice questions that you do not know the answer for, try to eliminate one or more of the options so that your odds of guessing the correct answer increases.

The Red Test is intended to prepare you for the Flow Traders numerical test and consists of three different sections to be completed in 10 minutes. It contains a mix of open and multiple-choice questions.

The Orange test is intended to prepare you for the Optiver numerical test and consists of 80 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 8 minutes. Note that the Optiver test is sometimes also referred to as the '80 in 8' or 'Graduate Quantitative Trader Assessment by Zyvo'.

The reason why TraderMath developed multiple types of tests is not only because the trading firms employ different formats and time constraints for their tests, the types of numerical questions asked also differ greatly between the different firms!